In Memoriam: Harley


We are sad to announce the passing of Harley on September 7, 2016. Adopted by Chris Sowden, through the Calgary Basset Rescue, Harley will be missed as a beloved friend and companion. Harley introduced Chris to a great number of other people and dogs. Whenever either approached, he’d go into his alert stance and then you’d see him ask the question: “Friend or Foe?” FRIEND was always the answer!

Chris says this: ”I hope that those at the Rescue, who cared for Harley, will take solace by knowing that his final day started with a sleep-in, a prompt breakfast, then a walk on Nose Hill park on a beautiful sunny day where there were lots of other dogs to meet.”

We are deeply sorry for the loss of Harley and pass our condolences onto Chris and his family.

In Memoriam: Lucy


We are sad to report the passing of Lucy, a Calgary Basset Rescue alumni, on August 3, 2016, at the age of 13. A repeat adopter of seniors, Gladys Brown and her family enthusiastically welcomed Lucy (then nearly 12 year-old) into their home in April of 2015, and greatly enjoyed their brief time with her.

Like many bassets, Lucy had no problems with adjusting to Gladys’ household. The one thing, however, that made her stand out to her new family was her ability to talk and they now miss that about her the most. Lucy had lots of ‘people’ friends at the dog park. Everyone could hear her coming and they all wanted to stop and pet her and listen to her stories. Friends a block away from the family’s house would laugh as they would know when Lucy was outside as they could hear her talking. It is a good thing that the neighborhood enjoys all of the Brown’s different basset personalities!

Lucy got pneumonia a few weeks before she passed away. She was put on medication which perked her up briefly and she was back in business, going for car rides and walks and talking all the time.

Gladys shares this: “It is always hard to lose them and it feels like you never have enough time with them. Hopefully she knew how much joy she brought us and how much she was loved. Lucy was able to be Miss September for the 2016 and for the 2017 Basset Calendar. So this month, I am so proud to see her picture on my wall at work and say that’s my girl!”