In Memoriam: Windsor

September, 2015

Remembering windsor

Many of you might remember Windsor as the Cover Boy of our 2015 Basset Rescue Calendar (or maybe as Mr. July). Many of you might also remember him as the cordial host of the Basset Waddle held at his Spingbank home a few years ago. It is with very heavy hearts that we report Windsor’s recent passing this summer at the too young age of 11-yrs old.

However it is that you do remember him, we at the Rescue will always know him as the quintessential basset – sweet and gentle to the core and always up to some sort of innocent (maybe!) mischief. Our sympathies go out to Rhonda and her family for his loss and we know that, if ever there was a perfect life for a basset, Windsor most definitely had it.

In Memoriam: Dave Naclia

September, 21 2015


Our rescue lost a loyal ally, and co-founder Janet lost a a much-loved dad this week with the sudden passing of Dave Naclia. Dave was a volunteer, foster, adopter, and transporter for us, and we will miss his boisterous laugh, good nature, and kind heart more than we can say. It has been an honour and a privilege to have earned his support and friendship over the years and we are eternally grateful to have had the chance to get to work with him.