In Memoriam: Odie


Odie came into the Brown family’s lives in May of 2003. She was the last in her litter and, as they say, they saved the best for the last. She was the first dog her mom Gladys had ever owned and was a typical basset baby. She chewed everything that the kids left on the floor and stole food off of the counters (and even out of the neighbor’s hands!). If someone in the neighborhood left their gate or door open, Odie would walk right in and make herself comfortable. And just when the Browns thought there was no hope of getting her house trained, she got the hang of it but not before one of her human family members did a sit up right into a pile of poop. So is the price of fitness!

The Browns enjoyed going for walks around the neighborhood where Odie knew pretty much everyone and had quite the loyal following. People would come out of their houses to tell the Brown family how much they enjoyed watching them walk by every day. Two bassets and one blue heeler, each with their own idea of which way to go, is sure to entertain anyone!

Odie was lucky enough to live with two other basset hounds from the Calgary Basset Rescue. The first was Beauregard. They would play together until Beau would finally pin her to the ground, leaving Odie howling at the top of her lungs until he let her get up. They would also share the front seat of the car, often lying on top of each other.

After Beau passed away, Miss Lucy moved in and Lucy and Odie were lucky enough to pose together for the Miss September page of the 2016 Calgary Basset Rescue calendar. They did really well posing together until Lucy started to talk (she has quite a few stories to share). Odie, of course, was having none of it and that was the end of the picture taking.

Sadly, Odie passed away right before her 13th birthday. As the Browns look back at all of her pictures throughout the years, they remember things once forgotten. And with the laughter and many tears, they know that Odie will forever be with us all in our hearts. Click here to leave any condolences messages for the Browns.

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  1. Sorry for your loss. Odie is playing in that endless field with my tanisha and all the other beautiful baby’s. Always remember he will be watching that that gate at that rainbow bridge for you. But don’t hurry he has lots of friends to keep him busy. See you at the waddle in September.

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