In Memoriam: Oakley


We are very sad to report that the Shermans recently lost their beloved basset Oakley, soon after the loss of their basset-Dalmatian mix Oscar. Oakley was 16-years old when he passed and took the ‘Oldest Basset Award’ at the Calgary Basset Rescue Waddle two years ago.

While coming into the Shermans’ lives after being cruelly abandoned by the neighbours, Oakley had an incredible and long life with his new family and was very much loved. Oakley was a very vocal guy with the perfect amount of bassitude. He loved cheeseburgers and bones and used to bug his mom Cara in the shower to get his ears and face washed —-every time!!

In fact, Oakley was his mom’s “Velcro” and went with Cara wherever she went. He only knew one trick, which was to roll over. And up until a couple of day before his passing, he still used to think he was one of the puppies in the dog park. Even though his old body couldn’t handle the playing, he always went over and made friends anyway.

Oakley passed away at home peacefully in his sleep, snuggled up on his dog bed. Click here to leave any condolences messages for the Shermans.

5 thoughts on “In Memoriam: Oakley

  1. I read of the loss of your Oakley in the newsletter and wanted to send condolences. We adopted Lola last year and in one short year, I cannot imagine life without her. I know you must miss her so much. Somehow I cannot imagine having any other dog but a Bassett! We call Lola “The love sponge!”

  2. So sorry for your lost. They are together again. They give us so much joy it’s one of the hardest things to say good-bye. But you gave them great homes and lots of love.

  3. Awe!! Well it looks like he was a King in his family !! There comes a time in your and your dog’s life that we have to make these decisions. None are very easy! Be thankful that he passed away at home where he was loved and comfortable and not outside by himself or at the vets office! Rest in Piece big fellow! You did your job here on Earth now you have another job in the Heaven’s!!

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