In Memoriam: Lady


We are sad to report that Lady, a former alumni of the Calgary Basset Rescue, has passed away. Already a senior at the time, Lady was adopted into Wally Aufrecht’s Basset Family in 2012. She was 15 years and 3 months old when she passed this March.

You might already recognize Lady as she was “Miss January” twice in our Calgary Basset Rescue calendars. She also won the coveted Basset with the “Shortest Legs” prize at our annual Waddle. Although Lady loved cold weather, her only real interest was food. She was always hungry and would eat almost anything, even developing a taste for pickled herring with onions. Who wouldn’t, we say!

The term that best described Lady was “gentle.” Her peaceful nature made her a wonderful companion and a loyal friend. In short, Lady was truly a real lady.

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