In Memoriam: Ike


We are sad to announce this month the loss of a much loved Bagle (basset/beagle) Ike. He and his family, LeRoy and Shannon Parker, were keen supporters of the Calgary Basset Rescue. Ike’s family has this to say about his passing:

“We’re heartbroken to share the news that our beloved beagle/basset, Ike Parker (“The Dude”), passed away on December 2, 2015. Ike joined our family as a puppy way back in 1999, and every single day of his 16 years was a true character and sweet soul.

A man of simple pleasures, Ike loved food, naps, road trips, following his nose, playing with other dogs, looking handsome, and most of all, his family. The feeling was entirely mutual, and we miss him every day. What a wonderful gift it was to have him in our lives for 16 amazing years.”

4 thoughts on “In Memoriam: Ike

  1. So sorry to read of Ike’s passing. They certainly leave aching hearts when the cross over to that rainbow bridge. We have had our Queen Lola for almost a year and we love her to pieces. She has moved with us from B.C. To Sunny Alberta and has taken the transition well. Here’s to wishing you another fur baby to create more warm memories because a home without a dog seems to just be “a house!” You will know when you are ready! Warmest wishes.

  2. I just cried when I saw Ike’s picture! So many blessings from the Dude – thinking of him with icing sugar on his nose while waiting for his share comes to mind. I feel BIG TIME for you two without your Ike. He took you to the depths of love and filled your world with happiness. Amazing energy for everyone you know! So good, and such a loss! Much love, Valerie xoxo

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