In Memoriam: Harley


We are sad to announce the passing of Harley on September 7, 2016. Adopted by Chris Sowden, through the Calgary Basset Rescue, Harley will be missed as a beloved friend and companion. Harley introduced Chris to a great number of other people and dogs. Whenever either approached, he’d go into his alert stance and then you’d see him ask the question: “Friend or Foe?” FRIEND was always the answer!

Chris says this: ”I hope that those at the Rescue, who cared for Harley, will take solace by knowing that his final day started with a sleep-in, a prompt breakfast, then a walk on Nose Hill park on a beautiful sunny day where there were lots of other dogs to meet.”

We are deeply sorry for the loss of Harley and pass our condolences onto Chris and his family.

5 thoughts on “In Memoriam: Harley

  1. We were very fortunate to become caregivers to Harley, and of course fall in love with him, while Chris was on an extended vacation at the Foothills Hospital. We received a phone call about the situation and without hesitation accepted the task at hand. Harley had the sunniest of dispositions and everyone that met him on our many many walks said he was “oh so very handsome.” He will be dearly missed.

    Sending heartfelt condolences.

  2. Harley was a great and the ultimate hound. Also when we cared for him when he came to basset rescue, fell in love with him. He was truly a gentle giant, and handled our basset Doris (who can be pretty “opinionated” about other dogs/hounds around the house) with flair.

    Harley and Chris were a great match.

    He will indeed be missed

    Our heartfelt condolences

  3. We took Harley before his adoption to Chris and when Chris first went into hospital, we took him back. He was a treat to have! We have told so many people about how much Chris was Harley’s man, even more perhaps than Harley was Chris’s dog. When Chris came to pick Harley up, there were no goodbyes for us…just Harley wanting to go home with Chris.

    Chris, Harley and you are in our thoughts. Also thoughts from Jeroen, Erna, Robbin and Coen from the Netherlands who were at our house while Harley was too. Coen has often asked how Harley is doing.

  4. Having lost our first two rescue Bassets this year within a couple of months of each other we can sympathize with what you are feeling Chris, it is so very hard to lose a Basset hound who is so very close to you.

    Our remedy was to remember all of the good times you shared with your dog everyday, let some grieving time go by and then embrace the world of Bassets and see about getting another dog, in our case another rescue Basset, which we luckily did – not so much to replace the one you’ve lost but to bring joy to the rescued hound and to you who needs and loves to be around this fabulous breed..

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