In Memoriam: Beethoven


It is with a heavy heart that we are announcing the passing of the Cottrell family’s sweet Beethoven this past April at the approximate age of 12 years.

After fostering Beethoven for the Calgary Basset Rescue back in 2010, the Cottrell’s fell in love with him and, of course, he became a foster failure! Beethoven lived another happy, joyful 6 years with the family.

Beethoven was the Cottrell’s very first foster and they are still fostering to this day. Beethoven is the reason the Cottrells are still very active with rescuing, giving so many hounds/dogs the love and stability they need before finding their forever homes.

Beethoven was the sweetest pup, loved his belly rubs, and had his unusual love of running his head all over the sofas. This handsome boy was definitely noticed everywhere the family went (especially since he howled the whole way around the dog park!) and was loved by everyone.

He will be missed greatly by the Cottrells as well as by Stan the Basset Hound, Roly the Dachshund, and Sedona the Great Pyrenees (another foster failure). His family says: “RIP my sweet baby, run free ….my old man xx”.

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