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Success Story: Copper
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Success Story: Copper

By Stefanie

Several months after the passing of our Basset, Rizzo, we realized how devastatingly empty a Basset-less home could be, and decided we were ready to foster. Copper came to the Calgary Basset Rescue as a relinquish, as he was unsuitable for a home with other dogs and children. He had never been to an off-leash park and rarely went for walks as the family had a large yard. During our first 4 days of fostering Copper we took him to the park and he mastered being off-leash within seconds, and proved to be an excellent host to children and other dogs.

He also proved to be an excellent counter-surfer, capable of devouring an entire loaf of bread in less than 30 seconds. When we were notified of a potential interest in adopting Copper, we immediately decided that we were not ready to go back to Basset-lessness and that we needed Copper in our lives. Since we adopted him Copper has been a wonderful host to other fosters and his many dog friends, both big and small, and he puts up with a lot of bullying from Max, our 17 year old, and very ornery, cat.

Copper is very much a Basset who marches to the beat of his own drum, howls for a myriad of unknown reasons, and listens extremely well if (and only if) we provide the right motivation (aka bribe), and we wouldn’t change a thing about him (even the fact that he can put back 23 stolen, spicy samosas in less than 3 minutes without a single side-effect). He is silly, good-natured, loving and cuddly, and we are so thankful to the Calgary Basset Rescue for bringing Copper into our lives.

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