In Memoriam: Hunter


Hunter came into the lives of the Fraser family 16 years ago. They had Tracker in their lives at the time and they wanted to enrich his life with a brother. When Hunter met Carole and Harold Fraser as a little pup, he knew he had found his forever home. The sentiment was mutual because his family fell deeply for Hunter.

However, when Hunter came home, Tracker wasn’t the happiest sibling. Tracker wanted nothing to do with Hunter until Hunter got under his skin. It wasn’t long, then, that Tracker began to fall in love with his brother as well.

Hunter was meant to come into the Fraser fold. He had issues like snoring too loud at night, itching like crazy, and an insane fear of fireworks and thunderstorms. My goodness – the poor pooch! But the Fraser clan accepted him and tried to help him get through his issues.

Carole has always referred to Hunter as “the Bestest Boy”. Hunter’s passing has been hard on the family but they know that dogs teach us so many things about life including how to love unconditionally.

As the Fraser family always says: “We learn so much from this painful, yet blissful lesson of loving our dogs. And it is all worth it. Ten times over and over and over. I’d do it again, and again and again. No matter how hard it is to say goodbye at the end. It is worth it. I have learned to love. And I have finally learned to love and let go and love again.” Please click this link to leave a message for the Fraser family.

In Memoriam: Ike


We are sad to announce this month the loss of a much loved Bagle (basset/beagle) Ike. He and his family, LeRoy and Shannon Parker, were keen supporters of the Calgary Basset Rescue. Ike’s family has this to say about his passing:

“We’re heartbroken to share the news that our beloved beagle/basset, Ike Parker (“The Dude”), passed away on December 2, 2015. Ike joined our family as a puppy way back in 1999, and every single day of his 16 years was a true character and sweet soul.

A man of simple pleasures, Ike loved food, naps, road trips, following his nose, playing with other dogs, looking handsome, and most of all, his family. The feeling was entirely mutual, and we miss him every day. What a wonderful gift it was to have him in our lives for 16 amazing years.”

In Memoriam: Oscar

Oscar (1)

January 27, 2016 – IN MEMORY: It is with a heavy heart that we report that, on November 9th, Cara and Jason lost their beloved OSCAR to kidney disease at the age of 13. Many of you probably remember Oscar as the Dalmatian/Basset “bassmatian” who took the Best Beg prize a few years in a row at the annual Calgary Basset Waddle.

Oscar was one of 11 puppies who were all famously named after the Muppets. While Oscar was called “the grouch” (who really likes to share? C’mon!), he was the most affectionate, happiest dog a person could ask for. Oscar lived for cuddles and snuggles and was best known for stealing the blankets while watching tv with his family. He was laid back, incredibly loyal, and never strayed too far from his mommy. Although, he was content enough with stealing his dad Jason’s pillow at night. Oscar’s favorite food was pizza and he loved wearing his jacket, even when it wasn’t cold (who wouldn’t!).

Friends of the family say that Oscar lived a life that any dog would have dreamed of – only ever having one owner, being spoiled rotten, and was very loved. Oscar is survived by his two “brothers” – Oakley, a purebred basset who knew Oscar since Oscar was 4 (and who was his best friend until the end) and his Great Dane brother Beans.

And while Oscar may have had the spots and the bark of a Dalmatian, all of his friends at the Calgary Basset Rescue know he was truly a basset hound at heart. Our condolences go out to his family for their loss. Please click this link to share your own best wishes.

In Memoriam: Belle aka ‘Babs’

November, 2015


It is with a heavy heart that we share the news of the loss of Belle – an alumni of the Calgary Basset Rescue. Below is a note from her family in BC:

“With deep sadness we want to let you know that precious Belle, aka Babs, passed away last week. She fought a good battle with cancer and managed to survive for longer than expected due to outstanding care and love of her owner, our son Blake. He adopted Belle in 2012 and she was loved immensely by our whole family. No dog could have asked for a better home than Blake gave her and she deserved all the love and attention. We wish to thank you for bringing her into our lives.”

To leave your condolences for Belle’s family, please leave a comment:

In Memoriam: Windsor

September, 2015

Remembering windsor

Many of you might remember Windsor as the Cover Boy of our 2015 Basset Rescue Calendar (or maybe as Mr. July). Many of you might also remember him as the cordial host of the Basset Waddle held at his Spingbank home a few years ago. It is with very heavy hearts that we report Windsor’s recent passing this summer at the too young age of 11-yrs old.

However it is that you do remember him, we at the Rescue will always know him as the quintessential basset – sweet and gentle to the core and always up to some sort of innocent (maybe!) mischief. Our sympathies go out to Rhonda and her family for his loss and we know that, if ever there was a perfect life for a basset, Windsor most definitely had it.

In Memoriam: Dave Naclia

September, 21 2015


Our rescue lost a loyal ally, and co-founder Janet lost a a much-loved dad this week with the sudden passing of Dave Naclia. Dave was a volunteer, foster, adopter, and transporter for us, and we will miss his boisterous laugh, good nature, and kind heart more than we can say. It has been an honour and a privilege to have earned his support and friendship over the years and we are eternally grateful to have had the chance to get to work with him.